Authorized Marriage Commissioner
for the Province of Alberta


Getting Started

You've already done the hard part...finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!  

Once you set your wedding date, it's best to contact a marriage commissioner as soon as possible. Every year there are "choice" wedding dates which are in high demand, especially during the summer months. Be sure to include the date, the location and the approximate time of the wedding in your email or phone message. I prefer to meet with couples in my home to get to know you and learn about your wedding plans.  

The steps in order to be legally married in Alberta are found at Vital Statistics: Getting Married.

1. Find someone to marry. 

2. Determine the date, place and time for your wedding.

3. Find a marriage commissioner. Since you are on my web page, pick me!

4. Get a marriage licence from an Alberta Registry Agent. Fees vary between registry offices.

Find a Registry Agent

The marriage licence is valid for three months. If you purchase it on March 1st, your wedding can take place anytime between then and June 1st.  

Go to the registry together with a piece of government issued photo ID (passport, driver's license) and divorce documents if you have been married before. Both of you must be present to buy a marriage licence. You will need to know:
 - your full legal names
 - the date and place of your birth
 - your parents' full legal names and their places of birth 

The registry agent will type up this information, give you a form and ask you to check it carefully. CHECK IT VERY CAREFULLY!! Check the spelling and the dates. Marriage commissioners cannot change information on the licence. 

When you are sure everything is correct, give it back to the registry agent and make sure s/he signs the bottom part of the licence. Don't fold the licence or get it dirty. Call ahead and make arrangements to drop it off with me. 

5. Get married! During the wedding, the marriage licence is signed by the couple, the two witnesses and the marriage commissioner.  After the wedding, I will give you a blue document called a Civil Statement of Marriage. I mail the marriage licence to Service Alberta right away.

6. A few weeks later, one person can go to the registry and order your marriage certificate. If one of you wishes to change your name, you can start that process at that time.

7. Live happily ever after!